Navigator and Time Recorder
Navigator is a program that assists managers in organising and assigning tasks to employees systematically. Employees can also utilise the program for task checking, day planning, and efficiency reflections. 
The Time Recorder is an additional tool designed for employees to promote self-monitoring without being supervised at home. The aim of this product is to help employees develop self-discipline on their own accord, separating their working hours from their free time with the help of a physical product, in this case a timer, for enhancement. 
This product can also be used in many different ways than just work but still with the concept of clearly dividing time between two activities. This timer can help you with time management in many different points throughout your day.
Features of the Program
No more messy emails with clients;
A clear project timeline;
Planner writing for worker;
The task list and planner are synced with the timer to run the day and record employee's work efficiency per task; 
There will be a self- analysed report based on the timer data at the end of the day and week, for the user to reflect on their own productivity. In short, the program and the timer monitor them on behalf of the manager. 
Timer Modes
Auto mode will be synced with the planner you create.  Manual mode will allow you to select the task directly from the menu and adjust the duration length you prefer.

Product Range Extension
Multitasking Timer allows for timing four tasks simultaneously, making it suitable for a production worker.  Portable Timer is for non-desk and non-stationary employees to record their efficiency and check their To-Do-list everywhere they go. 
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